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You will hear from school leaders and see what life is like during the school day! You'll leave with an understanding of our values as you experience the diversity, emphasis on relationships, and our unique view of your child's educational experience.

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Discover the joy your child can experience at school!

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    Featured Schedule

    - The Oaks' Core Values and Educational Philosophy with CEO Andrew Hart
    - Early Childhood Education breakout session with Margee Boswell, Director of Early Childhood Education and Jessica Surface, Director of K - 2 Academics
    - Campus Life at our Lower Schools breakout session with Kelly Altman, Head of School at our Brookside Campus and Bruce Crawford, Head of School at our Fall Creek Campus
    - The Transition to Middle School breakout session with Laura Grammer, Head of School at our Middle School
    - The Application and Financial Aid Process with our Admissions team and Chief Financial Officer